It was just one of those days

Do you know the feeling when someone says a cheerful “Hey” and all you want to do is beat the shit out of them? I was having that day today. All day long all I wanted was to strike the next person who was annoying right across the face. I succeeded in doing that too, quite a few times, in my mind off course.

Its such a beautiful world, in your mind. That’s the only place where things go your way. No obstacles, no stupidity, just your way or the highway! This is the place you always get off work early, never have to work weekends. All your getaway plans work out. You get the most perfect picture with your boyfriend. You never gain a single gram irrespective of the amount of chocolates you have. You are not insecure, jealous, angry, annoyed, frustrated, flustered.  This is the place where life is one big party and this is he expression you can wear.

But then I realized, that’s not life. That’s just me in my world. What you see above is not me in the real world. What you see below is the real me.

Wow that’s ugly! So I have inferred from these two pictures I am going to deal with the shit in my life with the “fuck yeah” face!

P.S – Pardon my language 🙂 & photo credits to my best friend.


5 thoughts on “It was just one of those days

  1. yes, we’ve been having a week at work like that… there are certain persons who I’d love to take a shotgun to as a result! Fortunately, they are not on my actual group so when I get to working with my colleagues I generally cheer up 🙂 Always remember the old saying ‘Nil illegitemi carborundum’ – it helps 😉

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