Weekly Photo Challenge – The Sign Says (I stand guard!)

Seagull's eye

Seagull’s eye


Weekly Photo Challenge : Unique

Some objects which are not so unique, but they stood out so starkly that I could not help but capture them!

Standing and waiting in a fast paced world.

Standing and waiting in a fast paced world.


Independence is strength

Weekly Photo Challenge : LOVE

I am completely aware that this was the challenge for last week, but after an excruciatingly long dry spell I am back and this seems like a “love”ly way to start. And as they say everything is fair in love and war. Here is the picture I choose…

I heart u.


Weekly Photo Challenge : Everyday Life

The Material


The Means




Golden Softness


Weekly Photo Challenge : Merge

Any guesses?


What you see here is called he Bokeh effect. For my this is the perfect example of merging.


Street 10 – Through

Window to the Past

This is the last post of my Street Series. The window symbolizes looking back to the wonderful 10 days that have been and thanks to all those who religiously visited my blog and made these posts even more special. Thank you all for appreciating and visiting.

Stay tuned for my upcoming series.